Altadena Community Garden


We encourage individuals and families to join us as Garden members! Our current wait list time is a bit over two years, however, due to the overwhelming popularity of our Garden.

Membership is open to residents of Los Angeles County, and there is a limit of one membership per family.

To start the process, fill out and return this form. Thanks!

Once your application is received, you'll be placed on our Wait List. At present, it takes a little over two years to get from the bottom to the top of this list, and the pace depends on when existing members leave us. This list is updated and reposted occasionally, as it changes. At times, there will be no changes for a long time, and then a burst of activity will happen. There's no real rhyme or reason.  Just rest assured that once you're on the list, you'll stay there until we contact you or you ask to be removed.


The Garden allows Regular Members to share their plots with others who serve as Associate Members. Associate Members can participate in Garden activities and assist  in the tending of the Regular Member's plot.  The process has been found to be beneficial to all involved, as some Regular Members find that the effort required to tend to their plots can become beyond their means as the years progress.